Cisco Switch disabling telnet enabling ssh

  1. I’m going to assume you already have putty or some other terminal emulation software installed. If yes just check device manager (if you’re on a Windows device) to see which COM port you’ll be using.
  2. From here you bypass the user account details unless someone has set a line console password.
  3. Type “en” and put in your enable password.
  4. “conf t” which is short for configure terminal. From here you will be able to make configuration changes on the switch. This is only accessible after gaining access to privileged exec mode.
  5. Now we want to enable SSH on all of the vty lines, type “line vty 0 15”.
  6. Time to disable telnet and make SSH the only allowed method of remote access. Type “transport input ssh”.
  7. Type “login local” will enable SSH.
  8. To check if this has been applied before saving it simply type “exit” until you have left the vty lines, from her you have two options you can A) use “do show run” to access the running config from configuration mode or B) type “exit” again this will exit global configuration mode and take back to privilege exec mode, from here you can write show run.
  9. Press space you keyboard until you get to bottom of the running config, here you should see the configuration changes you have made.
  10. Before you save make sure you test to see if works by opening up another putty terminal with telnet, it should fail. Test SSH put putting in the vlan 1 ip. Log into the switch.
  11. From here all you need to do is write mem…This will save the running configuration to the starting config.

A quick recap of the needed commands

conf t
line vty 0 15
transport input ssh
login local
write me

You can even copy and past these commands into the cli to save time

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